DIY Painters

August 5, 2015

painters tapepacking tape  While we recommend having a professional paint your house at some point in your life…here’s a little trick for painting baseboards in the meantime. For hardwood/tile floors, use green painter’s tape and wrap it up onto the face of the baseboard approx. 1/8 of an inch(up from the floor). Press against the tape to make sure that it’s adhering to the baseboard. Since baseboards usually have a white primer already on them, you won’t notice that bottom 1/8″ isn’t painted.
For carpet, take some wide clear packaging tape, and tuck it under the baseboard with a putty knife. Do this all the way around the room before painting. Paint the baseboards and let dry. Then peel the tape away! This will keep you from painting the carpet and is especially good for keeping pet hair off the baseboards!

Happy Renovating!

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